“We make our own destiny

“If something’s meant to happen…it will happen…that’s our destiny

These are two statements that keep running in my head all the time…Statements that make me contradict myself many a times.

Couple of months back i missed an exam ( not a school exam…). It was during my winter break..and i was to go meet my parents during that time. I had a choice to make. I could either write the exam and loose out one week of time with my parents which meant i would only get a week with them. Or i could not write the exam at all even though i had paid for. Another thing was i wasn’t really prepared to write the exam and if i had this trip a the back of my mind..i would have never been to prepare for it anyways.

I chose my parents over the exam. That was what seemed important to me at that point of time. And i thought…if i were meant to write that exam…i would have…so maybe i was just not meant to write it this time.

Recently I was having a conversation with a friend and i told her about it. She thought what i did was wrong…and that….we need to make our own destiny…..we cant just sit back, relax and wait for things to happen. U have to work towards it….

These are things i am aware of…things i understand…and I’ve personally never really waited for things to just happen for me…i’ve worked…But there are these little things…at times…which make me think..that maybe..this is how its supposed to be…maybe..i am not supposed to do anything…maybe…this is the course my life is supposed to take right now…..

Well i guess….I’m just gonna have to learn the hard way…and find out answers to all my questions…….