My parents are AMAZING cooks. I have memories of watching them cook together on Fridays ( weekend here ! ). Its always on Fridays that my dad would get to show off his cooking skills. When it comes to sea-food….He’s the man…hahah.

In my 15years in this country, I’ve never really had to think about having to cook for myself. The only time I got into the kitchen was to either to get something to eat or to watch my parents at work.

My tryst with the kitchen started around 3 years back. Mom fell sick and that’s how it all began. My first few days were…well… bad ! My cooking skills where limited to making omelettes and coffee.  I had no practical knowledge whatsoever. My mom had to give me detailed directions  to get to me do things right.

That went on for a while. Within a few weeks time I had mastered the art of kneading dough ! When dad came down, he gave me lessons on cutting vegetables the right way. I still needed directions to make anything edible. And pretty soon my mom took over. And that was the end of that.

But less than a year later, I was left to fend for myself. Mom took an extended vacation and I had my first experience with managing a house, on my OWN ! It was not easy, to say the least. I was out till late in the night and had to come home and cook, if I wanted to eat anything 😦 . Thankfully a friend was staying with me. And she wasn’t any better than me when it came to cooking. But she looooved to be in-charge. She needed to do things her way. And i didn’t have any problems with that. I was more than happy chopping vegetables and making chapattis.

Needless to say, it was her skills that improved over the next three months. I did at times manage to cook up something for myself on occasions. So I do know I will be able to survive if I’m left alone 😛 .

Over the past few years, nothing much has changed. Never had any major mishaps, until yesterday. I cut my finger while chopping onions ! I still hold the ladle like I hold a pen, when I stir. And if anyone asks me what’s my speciality when it comes to cooking, I’d have to say….I make perfect chapattis…hahahah, not world-maps like a lot ofother people 😛