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Cyclone Gonu

Cyclone Gonu

Its not very often you see a place like Oman in the news. And now it’s on for all the wrong reasons.

Oman, the place that I call home. The mountains, the beaches, things you see all over the place. Something that I’ve found a lot of comfort in, usually. The thought that these very things might aid nature’s mysterious act is not a very comforting thought.

Its only when things strike home ground that it really effects you. Like it has, now.

I know too many people there. I grew up there. Major parts of my immediate family is there. My dad is still there.

I hope and pray the cyclone passes away without doing any damage.

Update 1 :

  • The strength the cyclone has been reducing. From category 5 to almost category 1 now.

  • The eye of the cyclone has still not passed Oman. 

  • People staying close to the coast line have been asked to evacuate and move to the interiors/higher grounds.

  • There is no electricity is most parts (Or all, I’m not sure) for hours together

  • Chances of phone lines being cut.

  • Flights have been cancelled. Airport closed for the day.

  • Been raining heavily and intense winds all over the place

Well here’s daddy update. Last night I spoke to him, he was still staying at our apartment which is just a couple of meters away from one of the beaches there ! He called up today morning, said part of our flat had got wet thanks to all the rain water seeping in. But besides that things were ok ( That’s the sugar coated version I get from my dad !!!! That’s why I needed to keep myself updated from other sources. The newspapers here didn’t mention a word about any of this ! )

Dad called up again an hour back. Said he was moving out and going to my Aunt’s place. Finally ! There’s no power and phones might go dead. Which means no way to communicate 😦  A very scary thought. I’m not much of an optimist and that’s not really helping now.

Update 2 :

  • The cyclone’s moving towards Iran and UAE now.

  • It continues to rain in Oman.

  • There is still no power in most parts

  • Problems with phone lines during the evening.

  • Things should settle down by tomorrow

  • Airport remains closed. All flights cancelled

But that’s just about the cyclone part. Major parts of the city is under water. Floods and wadis all over the place. Rescue work has been to the minimal as roads have been washed away. Some have been blocked due to mudslides and helicopters can’t be used as its still quite windy. The wadis are the biggest problem as of now.

Daddy’s all safe. Good thing he moved out. The entire ground floor of our apartment is under water ! There has been no electricity the entire day. Land phones not working and cellphones, well just hope the batteries don’t run out !

Things are looking better now. Its just a matter of time until everything settles down and gets back to normal. And hopefully within the next week he’ll be here with us !

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Update 3 :

Thank god for Bloggers in Oman. Sleepless In Muscat has been my one source of regular updates on what is really happening there. Found this picture (and some more) on another blogger’s(Amjad) blog.

Mc Donalds under water !!!