The Cyclone has passed. But the damage its done is unfathomable. The mainstream media has not justice to this episode at all. I was watching the evening news in one of the Indian channels here and it said everything’s back to normal. BACK TO NORMAL????? If only.

Like Amjad said in his latest post, It took 37 years to build Oman to what it was and its all gone. This is a video (which is on Amjad’s blog too) posted by HemiOman. A heart-wrenching video of what has become of Oman.

My source of regular updates on the real story was from Ali’s and Amjad’s blogs. I take this opportunity to thank them. If it weren’t for them it would have been really hard to make it through the past couple of days. Communicating with my family back in Muscat was not easy. Their regular updates atleast gave me some idea as to what exactly was happening there. The mainstream media was of no help what-so-ever !

Daddy update : He finally got to go check on our apartment. The area surrounding it is still completely under water. They hadto take help from the Omanis there to get to our house. Not much damage to our flat except the little amount of water that seeped in. All the people living in our apartment have moved out. Its still not in a live-able condition.

On a personal note, I think…Oman didn’t deserve to have to go through this. A country that has been so kind to its people and also to all the expatriates. It is going to take a couple of months atleast to recover from what has happened. 

I hope and pray Oman receives all the support and strength it requires to get back on its feet.