Mumbai schools ban girl-boy touch

Students keeping a distance from each other !

Mumbai:They may be co-educational schools in metropolitan Mumbai, but are still insisting drawing on a line that divides the boys from the girls.

Two schools in Mumbai issued notices this week asking girls and boys studying there not to touch or hug members of the opposite sex.

What has this country come to !! Why bother having co-ed schools at all ?!?!

I think majority of the crimes (eve-teasing, rapes, etc) that happen are due to one reason only – Lack of proper boy-girl interaction and education and awareness about what makes them different from each other.

School authorities say the rule will “discipline” students, who are easily exposed to and influenced by violence and vulgarity on TV and other media.

I don’t really understand why we need to have all boys or all girls school. Would it help the child in anyway? I don’t think so. Will scrutinizing each and every move made by students help in anyway? Would there have been a need if these kids were given personal growth and sex seducation classes at the right age at school and at home ?

“You know, they are in school as of now. Un logo ko abhi se hum agar in batoon ki soth de de, toh woh kahan par jake end hoga that’s beyond our imagination, (They are in school now. If we start ignoring these things, you just can’t imagine where it will lead them to),” Richa Bhatia, whose children go to one of these schools, says.

Are schools and even the parents being prudish? Definitely YES !