I guess not.


In my last post I’d mentioned that I’d be going to Kerala. Well, yeah, that happened. Didn’t get to do much there. Thanks to the monsoons. Came face-to-face with one of my biggest fears (More about that in another post).

Got back from Kerala and now… I’m in Oman. Was a little apprehensive about coming here, apprehensive about seeing what had become of this country. I must say, life has gone back to normal for most of the people, especially for those who weren’t affected to that great an extent. I heard that besides all the infrastructure damage, which was mentioned by the main stream media, not much has been said about all the lives lost. I remember one of the news channels mentioning a 20+ figure but here they say it is definitely in the thousands. I don’t know if that is a good thing or bad (here I’m not talking about the fact that lives were lost…but the fact that the full extent of the damage done was not explicitly stated anywhere).

Work is on full swing to restore all the damage done. There are only very few parts within the city where you will actually see any remnants of what had happened. Its still quite depressing to see the Qurum area. Shops are slowly re-opening now. Things are getting back to normal.

The Muscat Municipality and other concerned authorities have been working their butts off! Doing this kind of work in this kind of heat!! Hats off to them.

Well, besides that… our phone line’s gone kaput, which means no internet! It was only last night that I figured out that I could use my cell phone connection to access the internet. Woo hoo!

You’ll be seeing more of me now! 🙂