Dentists and weight loss – two things that seem to be unrelated, at least to me. But a lot of people tend to connect the two, especially when it comes to people who horizontally challenged (just a nicer way saying ‘fat’! 🙂 ) and have braces!

Well, in an earlier post I had mentioned a cute dentist and four missing teeth. If you haven’t realized I am the one with the four missing teeth! OK, I know I’m a little too old for braces!!

Anyway, after all the “oh my god” and the guffaws, everyone who saw me with braces had only one thing to say, “You’re gonna loose a lotta weight now!” . And I just gave them my metallic smile. *sigh*

I know people who have lost weight while they had braces and too an extent I can understand why. Initially, all you can eat are things that are semi solid. But that doesn’t have to be the case in the long run.


I’ve been eating like I used to without a problem. I know they would have gone back to their normal eating habits too, eventually. But they loose oodles of weight and me, well, not an inch !

Couple of days back I was chatting with a lady at the gym and I happened to mention to her that I had gone back to India to study and that I was staying by myself for a couple of years the. The look on her face was, well, pretty amusing actually and she says “Then how come you’re soooo fat?!?!?!“. And I give her another metallic smile. She goes on to say, ” My son too had gone to India to study and he has lost sooo much weight. Even if he eats a lot now, he doesn’t put on weight! “.

It makes you cry

Some people are just so darn lucky!

Some people don’t have to bother about weighty-issues, eat all they want and still don’t put on an inch. Some people just have to do stuff like, well, go to India ! or get braces and poof ! they’ve lost all the extra pounds. And me, well, I’m gonna have to work my butt of to get rid of all that I’ve acquired over the years.


Wonder if I’ll ever get to see a skinny me !