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From Rocky Balboa

Not one of the most inspiring speeches but definitely one that’s easier to live by.



…with Stephen Devassy’s music !

I heard about him for the first time when a friend mentioned the Rex Band and their keyboardist. A week later I had the chance to watch him perform live at a show in which various Malayalam artists were performing. I couldn’t take my eyes off him his hands !

From then on whenever I got the chance I’d watch him on Amrita tv where he plays for various shows/competitions. He can make the worst of singers sound good ! It’s always such a delight watching him

*goes back to watch the video for the nth time*


“Save Tonight” by Eagle Eye Cherry is a song I’ve heard a lot of times, sometimes on loop, sometimes just bits and parts. I don’t really remember how and when I heard this song for the first time but I was hooked on from that day on. This, like many other songs, I had heard first before watching the video. The lyrics of the song is what got me hooked. Today, while I was over at YouTube I thought I’d check the video. I’d always wondered what it would be like. I pretty much had the whole video worked out in my head. The first thing that always comes to my mind whenever I hear the song is – a couple in one of those typical country-side houses, sitting next to a fire place, sipping some wine…

Will someone please tell me the connection !!!! What I expected and what it turned out to be…*sigh*

The lyrics…

Go on and close the curtains
All we need is candlelight
You and me and a bottle of wine
Going to hold you tonight

We know I’m going away
How I wish….wish it weren’t so
Take this wine & drink with me
Let’s delay our misery

Save tonight
And fight the break of dawn
Come tomorrow
Tomorrow I’ll be gone

There’s a log on the fire
And it burns like me for you
Tomorrow comes with one desire
To take me away….it’s true
It ain’t easy to say goodbye
Darling please don’t start cry
‘Cause girl you know I’ve got to go
Lord I wish it wasn’t so

Save tonight
And fight the break of dawn
Come tomorrow
Tomorrow I’ll be gone

Tomorrow comes to take me away
I wish that I…that I could stay
Girl you know I’ve got to go
Lord I wish it wasn’t so

Save tonight
And fight the break of dawn
Come tomorrow
Tomorrow I’ll be gone…

  • Lotsa daddy-daughter bonding. (Got a little story to share which I shall do once I get back ! )
  • Cute dentist and 4 missing teeth !
  • Best-est-est-est friend ever leaving for good 😦
  • Went book shoppin with BFF. Got FOUR books for Rs. 355 !! “Three Men in a Boat” by Jerome K Jerome, “The curious incident of the dog in the night-time” by mark haddon, “Love and Marriage” by Bill Cosby and “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks.( click on images for more details on the books ! )

         Three Men In A Boat      the curious incident of the dog in the night-time    Love and Marriage   The Notebook

 I’m a happy person! And loadsa BFF bonding and bitching happened! Good times!

  • Decided to confront friend mentioned in an old post . Ya, I know…finally !
  • Off to Ende Keralam tomorrow ! Leaving yall with a small video. It’s the Asianet theme song “Shyama sundara kera kedara bhoomi” by A R Rahman (which I just learnt few minutes back ! And I’d be the wrong person to ask to translate that ! ). Totally love it. Butttt the entire song is not there 😦 . Anyways, Enjoy ! Back in a weeks time !

Music’s always been an integral part of my life. My tryst with music started with Carnatic music lessons I took when I was a kid. That’s my earliest memory of music as apart of my life. That lasted for a while. Got to perform a couple of times on stage (small scale stuff) and that was that. Honestly, I don’t remember anything I learnt then.

My parents listened to a lot of Ghazals. That was the only thing we played at home, because I didn’t really care about music then. Ghazals grow on me. I started enjoying them. Initially it was only because I liked the way it sounded. It must much later that I actually started understanding what was being said. And it made tons of sense to me, then. This was at an age when kids my age where listening to Backstreet Boys and Aqua !!

Backstreet Boys   Aqua

And I refused to listen to them, at-least initially. Haha, it didn’t take me too long to switch from Ghazals to Pop.

What started off with pop changed with time. I didn’t and still don’t follow any particular genre of music. There are songs I listened to only because I like the way the sound ( that’s when I just don’t pay attention to the lyrics). There have been times when I’ve watched movies over and over again just to listen to a particular tune that was playing in the background (that was before I figured out the whole Internet thing !!!). Music video also effect the kind of music I listen to. If it looks good to me, I’m hooked on. And lastly, the lyrics.Ya, I know its a pity I don’t pay a lot of attention to it.

I relate each song I listen to, to different emotions, to people. There are certain set of songs that mean a lot to me just because of the emotions attached to them. These are songs which I can listen to over and over again and still not get tired of. These songs mean so much to me that at times I’m feel extremely offended if people don’t appreciate them the same way I do. Weird, I know !

The other day while I was tv-surfing saw a video that caught my attention immediately. Just saw the ending and I was hooked ! Checked it up on Youtube and there it was. Watched it a couple of times. Love the video.

This if the video of “Sadho Re” by an Indian band called Agnee. Now I didn’t really pay attention to the lyrics at first. But later I got curious as I couldn’t really understand much of it. Checked it up and realised it was a doha by Sant Kabir. I got the lyrics off this site.

In HindiSadho Re, Ye Murdo Ka GaanvPeer Mare, Paigambar mari hain
Marr gaye hain zinda jogi.
Raja MAri Hain, Praja Mari hain
mari hain vaid aur rogi.Chanda mari hain, suraj mari hain
mari hain dharni aakasa.
chaudah bhuvan ke chaudhri mari hain
in hoon ki ka aasa.

nau hoon mari hain, dus hoon mari hain,
mari hain sahaj athaasi.
tetis koti devata mari hain
Badi Kaal Ki Bazi

Naam Anam Anant Rehat Hai
Duja Tatva Na Hoi
Kahe Kabir Suno Bhai Sadho
Bhatak Maro Mat Koi

English TranslationOh Sadhu This is the Village of the DeadThe Saints Have Died, The God-Messengers Die
The Life-Filled Yogis Die Too
The Kings Die, The Subjects Die
The Healers and the Sick Die TooThe Moon Dies, The Sun Dies
The Earth and Sky Die Too
Even the Caretakers of the Fourteen Worlds Die
Why Hope For Any of These

The Nine Die, The Ten Die
The Eighty Eight Die Easily Too
The Thirty Three Crore Devatas (Enlightened Beings) Die
It’s a Big Game of Time

The Un-Named Lives Without Any End
There is No Other Truth
Says Kabir Listen Oh Sadhu
Don’t Get Lost and Die

The almost literal English translation spoils the effect of the actual lyrics. But not that I know what all of it means, it adds a different perspective to the video.

Maybe I should start paying attention to the lyrics more often !