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I have always thought that there is no feeling as good as having a child and watching him/her grow. Being part of every minute of a child’s life is something parents cherish.

Lately, I’ve noticed it has become a growing trend to involve the child’s grandparents into the whole parenting process. Involvement of the grandparents can be of great help, especially since they have been there, done that! Guidance of any sort will always be appreciated by the new parents. The problem begins when, slowly, the parents’ involvement dwindles and all of the responsibility goes to the grandparents.


I know of couples who leave their child with their parents, and continue with their lives like nothing has changed. Work and the money that comes with it being their first priority, the child is completely neglected, It is up to the grandparents, who at times are in different parts of the country or in a different country altogether, to bring up the child.

Nowadays people get married late and with the female’s biological clock ticking, the couple agrees on having a baby as soon as possible to avoid complications. Once the child is born it is as if their responsibility is over with that. They get back to their old routines and money is all that’s on their mind. The child is left to the mercy of relatives and/or nannies. Is it fair on the child? No. Fair on the grandparents? No. We all know how it is quite tough to bring up a child during the early stages of their life. The late nights, the tantrums, all of which will take its toll on older people. But usually none of this is thought about. And the grandparents are more than happy to help.


I can understand the need of this kind of arrangement if they are not financially stable and need the extra money. Otherwise, what is the need to deprive the child of much needed love and care from their mothers?

I think couples should have kids only if they are really ready for it, only if they are ready to take up all the responsibility that comes with it. Having kids just because it’s the next obvious step in their life or because that is what is expected of them or just because they can’t take the pressure that comes from relatives, just doesn’t make sense.

I’m going to end this post with a part of a conversation that I had with a person recently. It is this conversation that made me write this post. (There is a lot more to this issue than what I’ve covered. I’ve only mentioned this part as this is something I have witnessed many times.)

Me: …… So are you working nowdays or are you with the baby all the time?

Person X : Ahh… Don’t ask! I’m stuck with the baby. I’m just waiting for him/her to become old enough so that I can put him/her in daycare and get back to work!

PS: These are my views. I am not a parent and my knowledge is limited when it comes to parenting, but these are things I see too often to ignore.